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“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

Abraham Lincoln (via kushandwizdom)

More good vibes here

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This exact moment in Charlie’s angels is so iconic in my life

Coby Whitmore


“I remember when I was doing “Rent” and I was too thin, and I was doing that on purpose because I’m dying, I’m a HIV+ drug addict. I remember having to eat raw food and doing all this work to make sure I could stay thin… And I remember everyone asking me when I was doing press for the movie, “what did you do to get so thin? You looked great!” and I’m like, “I looked emaciated.” It’s a form of violence in the way that we look at women and how we expect them to look and be, for… what’s sake? No…

I love her so much, you guys.

People always tell me my cat has the most beautiful eyes